Advanced All-In-One School Management Software

Reimagined from the ground up for the Enhanced ERP

  • Create student bills, generate individual or group bill reports, notify parents.
  • Easy and customisable class marks breakdown, flexible mark entries, elective and core subject assignments, configurable grading system.
  • Parent dashboard available for checking wards' academic reports, financial records and more all in one place.
  • Easy report generation in desired formats (pdf, excel, in-system display). Enjoy advanced report style customisation options.
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Advanced All-In-One School Management Software


Manually managing student’s data sometimes become a tedious task for administrators. However, with the rapid rate of evolution of technology in the educational sector, all student management operational processes can be easily streamlined, which in the long run may improve student’s productivity, efficiency & results.

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The parents module facilitates effective communications between parents and teachers. It enables communication with the school at any point in time and view records concerning children's academic performance and view records concerning fees.

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The Employee Module drives efficiency within your institution by automating the creation or generation of employee documents. It also has an interface for employees to easily access their student records and carry out duties such as marks entry.

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There is a wide range of features under the academics module that entirely automate the management of classes as well as the different subjects studied by the students Management of academic calendar, time table creation, and attendance are available in just a click.

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Finance and Accounts

All kinds of schools, small scale and large scale, benefit from implementing our ERP finance module. It features the possibility to create and print termly student bills, receive payments, automated sms alerts and many more.

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Our communication model has features to improve communication among parents and the school, within the school and with any other external parties. It features functionalities such as SMS messaging and emails.

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Activities shops / trading venues within a school may be difficult to track manually. The stores module presents solutions such as sales, product management, receipts and reports among others.

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Easily keep record of books on shelves, books borrowed, damages, and student reading habits using the library module. Gain a quick insight on all activities within your school's library.

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